Essay on the controversial topics raised in the modern politics and ways to solve them

Politics is full of complex and sophisticated issues, but it is also greatly determined by the topics close to everyone. Most of us are interested in the upcoming Medicaid reform or in immigration news even if these topics do not concern us personally. Gun violence and abortions are the hottest issues that occur in almost every political debate.

Gun control is perhaps the most hard-hitting problem in the US. Politicians constantly speculate on what they can do with gun ownership – ban, restrict, or leave unchanged. Many Americans consider keeping firearms their undeniable right, and any change in this topic raises a wave of indignation.

Women’s sexual health is another concern common to many Americans. Segregation continues as many women cannot access timely contraception or get an abortion. Though abortions are legal in the US, they are constantly speculated upon. Topics like gun ownership or healthcare reforms touch upon every American, which makes them a true weapon in the hands of politicians.

Essay on how to stop deforestation

It turns out that we greatly depend on paper in many aspects of life. Books, bags, all sorts of packing – these and many other things push our paper consumption. Nevertheless, paper production is not the main cause of logging. We still build wooden constructions and use timber as a fuel. A high demand for wood does not let people give up logging.

If we want to stop deforestation, we have to come against the logging industry and its customers. However, no industry will keep functioning if there is no demand in the market. These are our choices that keep deforestation going. People use timber for purposes where it can be substituted with other natural or synthetic materials.

Taking action is crucial to stop deforestation, but first, we shall make wood-positive choices. Refusing from paper and wooden construction will allow curbing deforestation in the long-term prospect.

Essay on the existing recycling programs: their pros and cons, and how can we encourage people to start recycling

As we make production our top priority, we can hardly control the amount of waste that remains. Recycling requires planning, implementation, and costs money so that we better postpone it. Nevertheless, our planet is quickly being filled with trash that does not vanish by itself.

Today we have a variety of recycling programs designed for different places. Recycling often becomes a concern of the community, and environmentalists develop a plan prescribing how many trash bins must be put in public places. These are often bins for sorted non-organic trash. Municipal governments issue money for installation of such bins.

Recycling in the industry is a different thing. The plants well-equipped technologically often install an effective system of cleaning their waste that is usually toxic. Some industrial objects prefer a complete recycling making themselves environmentally-conscientious. Responsible treatment of waste is the thing more businesses and communities shall adopt.

Essay on possible ways to stop the disposal of radioactive waste

Radioactive particles are a good fuel for a small amount of them can produce a lot of energy. At the same time, nuclear power plants produce little waste, and, as usual, none of it is dumped into the natural world. The consequences of radioactive pollution can be critical to the entire continents, that is why a safe disposal of radioactive waste is so important.

The radioactive waste produced in nuclear power plants is thoroughly processed before its final disposal. Materials come through compaction, filtration, and ion exchange to be safely immobilized and put into containers. The most progressive way of dealing with radioactive chemicals is geological disposal. The waste is packed into containers and put deep underground where it cannot be affected by any external factors.

Essay on whether the current standards of clean water and air are outdated

Safety standards do not go unchanged. As the new technology develops, it automatically changes the definition of clean water and air. 50 years ago, we did not have as many powerful plants that dump their waste into the environment. We did not have such a tight traffic that is second major air pollutant after the industrial objects.

The neglected environment is not only polluted rivers and ozone holes. It is also governments that overlook updating industrial norms and safety instructions. Since the Water Protection Act came into force in 1974, it was amended once in 1988 and remained such until 2015. Now the legislation binds industries to convert their toxic waste into a dry ash and dispose of it using the available technology.

What is an observed delivery method


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Term paper guidelines

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Research papers written


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Paid essays about Zulu cultural research paper

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